Discover your Partner’s Hidden Sexual Fantasies

Mojo Upgrade is an interactive sex questionnaire for couples to help them discover the fantasies that they might both enjoy together.

Two ways to get started:

same computer choice one computer

You’ll have to take the questionnaire one after the other and the results will be presented after the second partner finishes.

separate computers choice two computers

You can take the test at separate computers; however, we will have to get both user’s email addresses to notify the second partner and send you the notification of results.

If you're curious, you may view the fantasies before taking the quiz.

How Mojo Upgrade Works

Mojo Upgrade is an interactive sex questionnaire for couples. We present a list of sexual fantasies to both partners separately and have them indicate their level of interest. After the couple has finished the survey, we compare the answers. If you both gave a positive response to an activity, then we'll share it; if not, we don’t. That way if your partner is not game to watch midget porn with you, they won't know.

The questionnaire only takes about 10 minutes per partner.

Best of all, it's free (as in beer) and you don't even have to register. Get your partner, and get started.


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